Call for written contributions

At the start of 2019, Switch (on Paper) and AICA International launched an initial collaboration in coordination with Mathilde Roman, that led to the publication of three texts on the issue of contemporary migratory phenomena:

Wishing to pursue this rich and meaningful partnership, Switch (on Paper) and AICA are launching a call for ten texts. In the spirit of Switch (on Paper), each text should highlight a societal topic through the prism of an artist’s work or a contemporary artistic or cultural phenomenon.

Topics of interest to us include the rights of women and minorities, exclusion, ecology and sustainable development, work rationales and ultra-liberalism, freedom of expression and repressive power, cultural appropriation, migratory phenomena and, more generally, justice, economics, new technologies, health, architecture and urbanism, all the way to leisure activities, tourism and current consumer phenomena.

The purpose is to examine how certain contemporary works are particularly relevant or display a true sense of agency in the face of the world.


The spirit of the texts

Switch (on Paper) is looking for situated critique, i.e. motivated by commitment and grounded in local context placed in the perspective in a totally international dimension.

After nearly a full year of existence, our periodical has been viewed in some thirty countries: Spain, Iran, Japan, India, Italy, Syria, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Democratic Republic of Congo, USA, Norway, China, Poland, Nigeria, Mexico, Cuba, UK, Lebanon, Ukraine, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal, Cameroun, Canada, Benin, Syria, Belgium, France, with an ‘International’ category created for cross-border topics.

Switch (on Paper) aims for a clear incisive style, direct and non-professorial, for the purpose of enlightening and offering our readers food for thought. It does not aim for the production of academic texts, but rather genuine investigative reporting. We have attached specifications for writing to help guide each author (cf. document joint).


Conditions for submission

Each text (20 to 30,000 characters maximum) is remunerated (€500 net), and will undergo rigorous editing and translation into English or French. Copyright for images can be covered for a maximum of €150 per text.

Each text must be written in the author’s mother tongue (not a translated version of an existing topic).

To participate in this call for contributions, just send us an abstract of your project in French or in English (2,000 or 3,000 characters maximum) at: Since each abstract must be carefully examined, our response time may vary according to the number of proposals submitted, but will not exceed 1 month from the time of reception. Each proposal will receive an answer and a proposed schedule for completion.


What is Switch (on Paper)?

Switch (on Paper) is an online editorial platform, the brainchild of its two co-founders, Eric Mangion and Luc Clément, who wished to create an original media to analyse contemporary society

This approach entails interpreting artists and their works and, more generally, studying cultural or artistic phenomena in our recent history and specific geopolitical contexts. How do artists and, more generally, culture help us understand or shed light on the world around us?

Switch on means exploring as well as orienting our flow of ideas; Paper refers to our documentary intent, aiming, beyond being a periodical, to lay down the initial foundations of knowledge on the subject of Art and Society. Grounded in the slow media philosophy, Switch (on Paper) addresses current affairs, not relating to exhibitions, but to the world, and aspires to produce lasting texts through an editorial style between scientific research, investigative journalism and literary form.

Switch (on Paper) is entirely bilingual (Fr/Eng) and accessible in part by subscription.

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