AICA will this year be celebrating the 70th anniversary of its foundation under the auspices of UNESCO, in 1948-49. To mark the occasion, we have decided to launch a call for contributions from all parts of the world to a new on-line publication of AICA’s little-known local or regional histories. These hidden histories, from past and existing Sections, are intended to fill a gap left by the official accounts AICA’s international activities, so far.

We seek fresh accounts of activities in the National Sections, which may not have come to the attention of a wider audience, but which stand out for their quality, interest or historical significance. They may be short accounts of 1.000-1,500 words of an individual event or achievement; or they may provide a more extensive commentary of 3,000-4,000 words on the history of a Section, or a significant episode in that history, such as an international Congress or outstanding achievement of an individual member within a wider social and intellectual context. All submissions will ideally combine an element of critical reflection with straightforward historical narrative, in order to bring out the wider significance of the Association’s activities. Submissions may be in any of the Association’s three working languages (English, French, Spanish) and will be published in that language.

Submissions with labelled photographs and filmed or video’d material, with or without accompanying commentary, will also be warmly welcomed. All contributions will be selected by a small group of colleagues, drawn from the membership of the Publications and Languages Committee and of the Archives and Living Memory Committee, and should go, initially, to one of the two editors, below, by a deadline of 15 July 2019: OR

Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged. The editors may exercise their right to omit, cut or otherwise alter submissions, though only after duly consulting the authors.

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